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Introducing the powerful process of narrowing down your most important values and qualities.  The ones that are already part of you, but if they were fully realized and awakened within, brought to the surface and became your main focus for a time…           this just might change everything.

How it works:

  1. You will receive an email with three questions to ponder over and prepare for our phone call.
  2. Schedule a 1/2 hour coaching conversation.
  3. During the phone conversation, you will walk away with the motivation to begin to live according to your most important values and have the focus to bring to the surface those qualities that you want more of.
  4. An essential oil blend will be created for you using the information gleaned from our conversation.  The blend will include oils with the therapeutic qualities that match up with your most important values and qualities.  It can be a 10ml roll on blend of essential oils mixed with a carrier oil (organic fractionated coconut and jojoba oil), or a 5ml blend of the 100% pure essential oil blend, your choice.  Our sense of smell is our most powerful sense, with the longest memory attached to it.  Every time you smell your blend, you will remember the values and qualities you want more of.

All of this for the special opening price of $30.00 (CAD), until April 30, 2017. The regular price is $50.00(CAD).

To begin: email, just say “I want to become!”

*The $30.00 includes the initial email questions, the 1/2hr conversation and the essential oil blend, plus taxes and shipping (if local I will deliver).


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