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For my birthday this past year I set up a painting area for everyone to create a prophetic painting. Many people are intimidated and some just plain scared of the idea of painting, feeling like they have no creativity in them at all. Well… time and time again, people who feel that way the most, walk away from the evening blown away by what they created and by the experience they had doing it!

When I instruct people before they begin painting, I encourage them to do an abstract painting, to pick three or four colours and just let their paint brush flow. It’s always amazing at what turns out, and many people end up painting some sort of object or scene. We always begin with prayer and listen to worship music throughout, God really does amazing things when you sit and spend time creating with Him.

One of my friends sat down that night, she had never painted a picture before and she ended up with a beautiful painting of a boat. She shared with me that she and her husband have been talking the last few of years about buying a sailboat. This painting was done back in February and she hung it up on her refrigerator. Well, months later they had an opportunity to purchase a sailboat. The boat they bought looks very much like the one she painted and when they pulled up to their house with the boat, there were two birds flying around their house and the boat, very much like the two birds she painted. Amazing how God can use a simple painting to bless, confirm and encourage! This is great testimony of what God can do through prophetic painting.

We can all create! The Creator Himself created us, in His image, how can we not be creative? Also, we can all hear from God! He’s always right there waiting to talk to us… we just have to take the time to listen.

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