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No Mistakes

“There are no mistakes in art.”   The first time someone said that to me, I seriously felt a weight lift.  This was spoken out to us in an art class I took a few years ago, and I wasn’t the only person in the room that day who felt relieved to hear it.  Although, my mind played with that sentence afterwards, questioning it’s truth.

Perfectionism can kill an artists ability to even pick up a paint brush, a pencil, an instrument, or sit down at a computer to write.  The pressure to get it perfect is just too overwhelming.

Lacking in self confidence is another issue that ties the artists hands and mind.  Creativity hides away inside the person who lacks confidence.  Having a desire to create but not having the courage to try because of a fear of failure, or looking ridiculous, or simply not wanting to mess it up, is really sad.  How many beautiful paintings, amazing melodies, wonderful poems is the world missing due to this issue?

So, as I pondered over whether or not there are no mistakes in art, I realized, that is not even the issue.  We need to encourage one another to dive into whatever it is that we love to do!  To take the risk of messing up, looking ridiculous or failing miserably.  Only then can we truly be free to create and I believe, only then will our talents flourish and our abilities increase.

Go ahead, be brave and create!

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