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Art Journaling – Week Five

Hello everyone!  Yesterday I took an art class learning different textures to use with acrylic paints.  It was so much fun and I learned some basic things I never knew.  This class was at my local art store, called Colours in Coquitlam, they have a good-sized studio up stairs, perfect for classes. 

DSC_2042      DSC_2043

We tried out many different mediums.  Above, each square represents a medium.  From the top left across is:  grey gesso, matte polymer medium, matte super heavy gel, and light molding paste.   Then, on the bottom row, from left to right: moulding paste, course pumice gel mixed with polymer medium, pouring medium and string gel. 

The bottom pic was me just playing around with the different textures. 

One key thing I learned is water and acrylic paint do not mix well, water does not stick and this can cause lifting of paint or bubbles on your pictures.  This has happened to me and I could not figure out why!  Good to know!  Much to my surprise, polymer medium when used, extends the paint, making it go further.  It also looks milky when mixing paint with it, but it dries clear and very transparent. 

Any of the gel mediums are great, thick, dry clear and can be used as a glue.  A gloss medium gel makes an excellent varnish for your finished painting.

The pastes, like modeling or molding paste are great for making texture and can be sanded down.  They dry white, so it is the same as adding white to your colour. 

I loved the pouring medium,  and the string gel.  Definitely need lots of practice using these two.  Below, my attempt at the pouring medium, it was fun but found very little control in how it turns out.  The string gel and the pouring medium are great together.  Using the string gel to create borders for the pouring medium to be contained in.  You can draw with the string gel, making spaces and designs.    


All of these will be great additions for future art journals!

Have a creative week!

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