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Art journaling – week six


For this page I used pieces of tissue paper that had feathers printed on it, which I got from a clothing store I bought a sweater at this week! I’m finding that every piece of paper I encounter is possible art journaling material. I painted the background first using acrylic paint mixed with acrylic matte gel, stuck on layers of the tissue paper feathers and then painted some overtop. I love feathers! So this page is special to me. God reveals himself to me through feathers and birds all the time and has for years and years.

This past week has been difficult to take the time doing the art journaling. It has been busy and my husband and a couple of the kids have been sick with the bad flu/cold that is going around here. So, even though I was t able to create something new everyday, the pages I did get done had special meaning to me.

It is okay! I am learning in my creativity coach training that obstacles are opportunities. That certainly happened during this week, while struggling to take the time to create, it did not matter because when I did, the work done was greater! Isn’t that just like life!

Everything is working out perfectly!

3 comments on “Art journaling – week six

  1. oasisspiritpam
    February 21, 2013

    Jody, Thanks for the peek into your week, both creatively and in your home-life.   My sister died on Dec.28th from horrible cancer…the date was our 1 year-old grandson’s birthday, and my husband’s 33rd AA anniversary. Since that day, I’ve been depressed. It’s hard to get going. My art supplies are sitting; the housework is sitting; I wanted to teach a meditation class in February…I am not meditating and didn’t get around to scheduling classes. I pretend to be happy, but I’m not. Do you think I should “fake it til I make it?”    I KNOW my art, no matter what it is, can help…just can’t get INTO my art! I do know that prayer and time will help. Thanks for listening. I love your blog.   Pam Sekula


    • jody
      February 21, 2013

      Hi Pam,

      Thank you so much for sharing with me! My heart goes out to you during this time of huge grief and sadness. I too have had my share of tragedies and have battled with depression, it is hard, to say the least and very difficult to see any light or goodness, especially when your are right in the midst of it.
      A couple things come to mind when reading what you shared:
      – don’t fake it! I realize that life is “going on” all around you, which can be hard to watch, but try to be real to your feelings, sharing authentically (as you did here with me!) whenever the opportunity arises. Everyone has their own grief and “stuff” and we can all learn from and help one another. I firmly believe that our own testimonies are powerful and can encourage and empower others to carry on their own journey. As you speak out your grief and your feelings to others or to God (yes cry out to God!) the heaviness of it lifts. There is power in the spoken word!
      – a class I attended just last night (interesting timing for you to write to me) we learned that movement creates a change in our thoughts. For example: the days that I wake up feeling tired and no energy and I choose to get up and do a yoga class… not only does my body feel better, but I have more energy and feel lighter in my mind (my thoughts) and my spirit. So… we did an exercise where we thought of what our defense mechanism is (fight or flight), mine is to sleep and hide away, then… think of what the physical posture is that will display that defense mechanism, even exaggerating it (I lied down on the floor). Then think of what the wound would be that this defense mechanism of self protection is guarding? Mine was depression… then portray that wound in a physical posture or movement… so I slouched over, hanging from the waist. Then put the two movements in the proper order, first the wounding, then the weapon. So I slouched over, hanging from the waist, then lied down on the floor on my stomach. Now… ask God to show you how he plans to break this cycle? What does that look like and physically take that posture. God showed me that He was shining light on me… so I moved from lying down and grew up like a plant would grow and bloom and danced away! If you are not familiar with hearing from God, just go with whatever thought or picture comes to your mind first, after you ask Him a question. Now go through the entire motions from start to finish, noticing how you feel the whole time.
      This is called the Healing Dance by Jim McNeash. I’ll be praying that God meets with you as you work with Him on this, allowing Him in, to heal you and free you.
      – painting and creating is healing too. Really try to make yourself do it, letting go of any desired outcomes, just enjoy the process, the colours and let it flow out of you. Try to just do some abstract work. There are no mistakes in art!
      – Lastly, if this depression is not lifting very soon, please seek help, go see your doctor. There is no shame in it, in fact, successful people get help! Sometimes we need to take a medication for a time to help us out of it. I know for sure, that you deserve to be happy!
      Thank you again for contacting me and I would love to hear how you are doing.
      Many blessings to you,

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