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Bring the Rain


I decided to add more writing to my journaling.  This pic I got out of a recent magazine, I loved it as soon as I saw it.  So I actually painted the entire page the background colours, then stuck the pic right in the paint (acts as a glue).  Then just painted over some and added the little flowers into the paint like the pic had in it.

The article in the mag had a writing using the acronym rain, so I thought I’d try and write my own.

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Decided to get a few tattoos today, just kidding!  Practicing for the kids carnival tomorrow.  #findingglittertillchristmas, #resonatechurch, #sparkle Beautiful downtown! Suddenly this little orange guy pops up.  What could this mean?  Choose to rise up and be different from the crowd. Affogato, my new favourite, yummm Nite nite Uni, only 14 more sleeps.
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