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Art Journaling – week nine

Owl Mural pic Owl Mural pic1

This past week, beside my daily art journaling, I was invited into my stepson’s grade 4 class to do a painting project with them. I decided to do this owl mural. It was so much fun, watching the kids paint their piece of the puzzle and guessing whole time what it could be.

Doing this exercise the kids learned how much better we are as a team, or in community. Taking just one piece of this puzzle and hanging it on the wall alone, would not be very attractive or mean much even, but all the pieces together creates this beautiful painting!

Also, when we finished, taking the time to talk about how, now that it is all together, we can make it look even better? What would we change? What would we add? Pointing out that just like life, things we make can always be altered and changed to make it better.

In my personal art journaling, the theme of unity kept coming up. I tried to create what that may look like.


This was done in watercolour, I didn’t realize while I was painting it, I just had a picture of bird sitting in a row, but there being five birds to me represents my new family.  How important is unity within the family!?!?!


The symbol of the circle itself represents unity.  I had fun putting together all of these circles, in all different colours and sizes being attached to one another.

Unity is a design principle.  If there is no unity the picture does not flow, appears disjointed, like pieces of it do not fit.  In life, if we have disunity, we may feel tired, lacking purpose, our wheels are just spinning, or hopelessness.  Look for the area of disunity.  What needs to change, be added, taken out or reworked?

How can you create unity in your life today?

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