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Art Journaling – Week Ten


This week I enjoyed my times creating and reading, learning more and more about God and the mysteries of His Kingdom. Like a tree deeply rooted, so as to access water and be nourished and refreshed, to grow in strength and reach. With branches that stretch out and up, providing shade for others, basking in the sun the whole time. Eventually fruit comes in season, by His hand when working together with Him, in His perfect timing.

This coming week I have a couple events planned where I get to paint and create with others! This is my fruit, sharing in the creation process with other believers, so fulfilling and always revelations come of Gods glory.

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Suddenly this little orange guy pops up.  What could this mean?  Choose to rise up and be different from the crowd. Affogato, my new favourite, yummm What!!! Came home to Uni suntanning, topless!  And drinking margaritas!  I never seen this side of her, wow, I hope she smartens up before Daniela comes home.  We don't need this kind of bad influence here. Nite nite Uni, only 14 more sleeps. #Uni Dads keeping a close eye on Uni now, after that attempted escape. #Uni
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