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Art Journaling – Week Twelve


“The masterpiece you are painting, the masterpiece that is your life, is not wallpaper. It has light areas and dark areas, color and shadow, big things and small details.”  Whitney Ferre’, author of The Artist Within and is the teacher of the creativity coach training I am taking now.
This picture I drew with pastel and Coptic markers. I was looking to represent what I read that morning.
I read this quote the next day and felt like it speaks a similar theme to the verse I read. Not wasting our gifts, or our treasures, treating our life as if it is our masterpiece! We have the ability to craft our life however we choose and desire it to be. The possibilities are infinite! Sometimes life doesn’t always go as planned though, and dark areas occur. Obstacles and challenges are part of our masterpiece life and are what shapes us, teaches us and molds us into who we are always becoming. Try to always hold onto the “everything is working out perfectly” mantra.  I truly believe that all things happen for a reason, sometimes we get to know the why but sometimes we never do.

This week has been hectic.  It is spring break here and the kids are off, so we took them on a small road trip to Seattle.  It was super fun.  I never saw so many things created with owls on them in my life!  Must be the trend there, this was actually in Bellevue, where our hotel was. I went a little crazy and bought some items, like an owl journal, an owl timer, and of course the cutest ever stuffed owl!   Owls can mean wisdom and brings me back to the verse I wrote just before we left, “the dwelling of the wise.”  To me this speaks of community and how being in community is wise.   For creative people it is a good idea to be part of a community of artists.  Whether that be to art journal together, or a writing group, we can learn so much from each other and inspiration seems to flow when gathered with like-minded folks.

So, that is my challenge for you, and for myself this week… find yourself a creative tribe.

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