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Art Journaling – Week Thirteen

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” ~ Jonathan Swift


During this Holy Week before Easter I spent much time in contemplation. Pondering over all that has changed in my life and seeking a place of rest and contentment. Searching out the mysteries of God and the larger perspective and view that He has given to me, and at the same time struggling and questioning that view. Such a rich time yet painful too. Grieving the loss of so much of what life was to me, including people that were close to me, now into a place so full of newness, new people, new home, new neighbors, new family, all so strange still, so foreign and unknown. Just when I thought i was settling in, another corner turns, and I’m back into the land of the unknown.
It is during these times that I know I need to rest, to art journal, to read and write because this is how I process and work through all that I’m feeling.
Creativity brings me to life and gives me an outlet, when words cannot happen.

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