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Art Journaling – Week Fifteen


Creativity is at the center and I have increased in this area the past couple of years but especially since I started to art journal this year.

When I started to paint, it was a private thing, I was very reluctant to share with anyone. I enjoyed painting, liked my work but didn’t feel like I was an “artist” whose work was worthy enough to show. The belief I held was artist’s have undergone intense training, they had fine art degrees or studied and practiced for years with an art teacher. Now I know, that we are all artist’s, just at different stages of blossoming in our area of creativity. Our own lives are a piece of work in process, always wanting that next brush stroke of colour added and we have the choice of doing that or not and which colour to add and where. So much like life!

As I continued and gained confidence in my work, and that false belief of “artist” fell away, I began to share my work more and more. Now it is my passion to paint and create in groups with others, sharing our process and experience together is such a joy. The process of creating, what I learn and experience doing it, is more of the work than the finished piece. I have learned to enjoy the process and not be so focussed on the end product. Again, much like life.

As I continue to move forward, learning and growing in creativity, like this nautilus shell, I’m expanding and widening, reaching more and more. It takes risk and taking that first step, or brush stroke or writing that first sentence. Most of the time a painter doesn’t know what they are going to paint, they just start painting and it turns into a creation simply through the process of doing. Same as writing a story, many writers will tell you that the story and the characters take on a life of their own, the writer simply goes with the flow and continues to write.

The Creativity coach training that I am taking is teaching me so much, especially of how much creativity and life relate. We are moving into the last phase of this training, working through the book The Artist Within by Whitney Ferre. There is lots of art journaling ideas and teaching in this book, I have you to join me and meet your artist within! I promise you will!

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