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Processing Grief


In the past two-weeks many tragedies have occurred around the world. Devastating news reports and I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time processing this kind of information.

First, in a middle eastern country, two fellows were killed.  Their only crime was handing out bibles and encouraging their friends in the faith. Living in Canada this is very hard for me to understand. How can people be so violent and lacking in tolerance and compassion? It is outrageous to think that a person would be killed in cold blood for such a simple act! How does one process and even try to deal with kind of news?

The other day, everyone heard about the bombings at the Boston Marathon. Such violence, undeserved deaths and wounding and the people or person who caused this is still unknown, to my knowledge yet. Again, what does a person do to deal with such news?

Grieving the loss, is of course the answer. To take the time and feel the pain and sorrow connected with it, even feeling the anger towards those who caused the losses. For me, I felt hopeless, there is nothing I can do to change or to help these situations. Then, eventually, come around to the point of forgiveness and compassion and pray for those who are obviously filled with such darkness and deceit.

A few of us gathered together last Sunday to do some art journaling and two of the ladies ended up creating pictures that helped them process their loss and to grieve some more. Creativity is a great tool to use, it is a release, an outlet, to put on paper what your mind can not put into words. In the end, having this created piece of work as a memory of all that happened. Doing my art journaling this year has definitely helped me to process through stuff and record lessons and knowledge that I need to remember moving forward.

If you have not given it a try, please do. Even if you are thinking that you are not creative, you can’t even draw a straight line, you especially need to give it a try. A simple exercise to try, when you are feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, ect… is to take a pen or pencil and a piece of paper and start making marks. Any kind of marks, just doodle and scribble, draw shapes and lines, anything goes but do it for a full five minutes. Then, see how you are feeling. Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

Create, create, create!

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