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Happy Earth Day!

dream collage1     dream collage     collage

Happy Earth Day everyone!!!

It occurred to me this morning, as I realized it was Earth Day from the variety of posts on twitter and Facebook that creating a collage is actually a green activity.  Creating a collage involves collecting pictures from various magazines that would be thrown out (hopefully into the recycling pile) anyways.  Transfer these pics to a piece of poster board, or into your art journal by using paste, a glue stick or even just paint works as an adhesive.  As you are browsing through magazines, newspapers, flyers, old books, and a picture or a word stands out to you, tear it out.  Also, as you are looking for pics pay attention to any words or thoughts that come to your mind, write them down as they do and use them in your collage or journal about them later.

Every time I have done this, I end up with way more pics than will fit the page.  As you are organizing the pics, lay them out on the page before gluing them down for the best presentation.  Likely, you will notice a theme of pics or words that go together nicely and others that just don’t belong.  Save those extra pics for another time.  Its a great idea to get yourself an accordion file folder to keep pics in that you like and place them in categories, like animals, scenic, water, flowers, people, ect…

This is a great activity for kids, get your whole family involved!

Erin collage

The great thing about this project is in the end you have a visual reminder of your dreams, goals and what is important to you.  Be sure to hang it up in an area you will see it often and as you do see it, you can pray into those dreams and plan the small steps it will take to make those dreams a reality.

Happy creating ❤

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