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Art Journaling – Week 19


Say hello to Ms. Spider.  Yes, she is a spider, not an ant, like my husband and step kids think, lol.

How do you feel about spiders?  Fear, creeped out, want to run away, or hurry up and kill it?  I was not a big fan myself but now I see another side of the spider, and feel differently.  I don’t want one for a pet however, but I am able to draw one and not think it’s a crazy thing to do!

The spider is a powerful symbol that represents “Artist.”  Reading from the book Hunab Ku, which is about ancient symbols, has revealed much information believed from ancient times about the spider. There are, of course, the fear based beliefs, focusing on the fact that spiders eat their prey, but I am not going to focus on that.

Spiders are creative, they spin their web and create out of nothing.  Much like when we sit in front of a blank canvas and have no clue what to create.  When we create, like the spider, we create from our core, our center.  Making a mark on that canvas takes risk,  same like throwing out a thin filament hoping to hang from it, in spider-like fashion.

“Whether we are weaving tissue in the womb or pictures in the imagination, we create out of our bodies.”  ~ Meinrad Craighead

Net working, and developing community connects us together and makes us stronger, we are better doing life together.  Creating these networks of like minds, fellow kin, is a beautiful web, and can hold and catch loads of bounty to nourish and feed all within its grasp.

“Artists bring what is inside, out.  They manifest and continue the creative actions put in place by the original divine Creator.  Therefore, we are all co-creators and we are all artists.” ~ Hunab Ku, by Karen and Joel Speerstra


I drew the spider at the top and painted in soft pastels, layer of colour by layer of colour.  Much like anything we create, it happens by taking action steps  towards it, layer by layer, adding to it until it comes to fruition.  Above is a compilation of words that stood out to me, as I learned about the spider symbol.  What stands out to you?  What can you apply to your life or do you need some more of now?

So… next time you see a spider, remember all the goodness it has to offer you.

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