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Art Journaling – Week 21 – Risk


Last week I spent some time doing an exercise I came across in a book I am reading, called Drawn In, by Troy Bronsink.  This exercise took me to the core of what fear looks like in my life, so I could see it.  It was a visual  meditation, surrendering fear and embracing what it looks like to live in the opposite spirit.

Doing this involved thinking about a person in my life who has taken incredible risk, and writing down descriptive words that come to mind.  Then, thinking of personal risks and continue writing the words that come to mind.  There is no wrong here.  Spending time in pray and meditation with the words and thoughts   I circled the words and attached them according to what I felt were similar grouping of words.

The last step is to write what you have procrastinated or been too afraid to do, writing those in a different colour or circling those words, however you like.  Connect the words to the risk and write whatever fears you have that has prevented you from following through on the connecting line.  Pray as you do this that God would show you how to let go of any hindrances, any needs for external authority, prestige, wealth or privilege until you feel peace and release.

Set an intention to take a step  towards one of those risks and write it down.


The above creation, magazine mosaic., I got from the book The Artist Within by Whitney Ferre.  It was fun, tearing out pics from magazines and cutting them into strips, then into similar sized squares.  Grouping the squares by colour, then glue each square down creating a  pattern, kind of like a quilt.  Fun to observe each little square as an individual piece of art.

The process of tearing out pretty pics from magazines is such a calming activity,  the perfect de-stressor.  This activity is also perfect for kids, they love it!

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