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Art Journaling – Week 35 & 36 – Perfection


Perfection… it can stop you in your tracks!  This happened to me the past couple weeks.  The pic above, which was me processing the issue of perfection, I really dislike it, and did not want to post it here, which is why it is here now, so I could move forward.  The process of working through the different areas of perfection was good, but it certainly did not turn out visually appealing, like I had hoped.

So much of painting, for me, is about the process.  When I settle into that thinking and enjoy the act of painting, how peaceful and relaxing it is, without worrying about the outcome, then I am free to create and usually the result is pleasing to me.  If we can let go of our ego and focus on the process, we would receive the gifts the painting process has to offer and will likely end up with a work that please us too.

My husband, Teno, is a perfectionist and is fully aware of this fact.  He is also an amazing artist.  He can sit down to paint and completely finish a painting in about a half an hour.  This amazes me!  It takes me many sittings with one painting to complete it.  The funny thing is though, he will not paint on a canvas!  Canvas paper, or other art paper, yes, but not a canvas.  I keep trying to get him to do the painting marathon.  Through that process you learn to detach from your work because you know that you will be painting over it again.  Also, it gives you the freedom to paint and be okay with making mistakes, trying out new marks and lines and mixing colours and most importantly, having fun with it!   There is something about sitting in front of a blank canvas that is intimidating, challenging, scary!  Once a person breaks through the fear of the blank canvas, they learn that anything is possible.  One day Teno will paint a canvas.

Below is one of Teno’s paintings, which he did in 1/2 hour, and it is hanging up in our living room now.

moonlight tree

Do you need to break through fear in some area of your life?  Try painting on a blank canvas, it has lesson’s for you.  Lower your expectations and go into childlike playfulness and remember that you can always paint over it, no big deal.

Don’t let your inner brat take you out!

2 comments on “Art Journaling – Week 35 & 36 – Perfection

  1. Norma Jamieson
    September 17, 2013

    Jody, I have seen your paintings and I believe they are perfect just they way they turn out. Perfect in however you see it. Enjoy the process. I admire your talent and gift for the paintings you produce. You are not afraid of pushing forward into the unknown or the unexplored. Your art work is beautiful.
    Norma J.

    • jody
      September 18, 2013

      Thank you Norma! 🙂

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