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Art Journaling Week 40 – Keys


Week 40!  How did we get here, wow!  I don’t know about you but life is whipping by at a rapid pace.  September is a blur, so much started back up for me and my family and new things added to my plate as well.  All of it is good, just makes for a very busy month and some adjusting to do.

I am reminded again and again lately, how important  being fully present is, and this is a life key for me.  Fully present in the moment, where ever you are, doing whatever you are doing and paying attention to whomever you are with in the moment.  Having the ability, the discipline of mind, the ability to stop your thoughts from looking towards the future or from remembering the past and have your full attention on this present moment is a skill worth achieving.

Of course there are times when we need to plan and think about the future and times when remembering our past is a good thing, but many of us spend too much time there.  The western mindset especially, is so busy, constantly thinking, planning, working on our to-do lists, and this all happens in our left brain, and this is where our past and our futures live too.  We need our left brain definitely but learning to use our whole brain means giving our right brain some attention too.  Being fully present, in the moment, requires using our right brain.  An easy way to bring yourself into the present moment is to think about your body, feeling your backside sitting in the chair, or your feet in your shoes, feeling yourself breathing, so simple but you will find your mind wander and drift off to the next thing, not so simple after all.  It requires practice and discipline.

Another great way to give your right brain a workout is to get creative.  When you are feeling stressed, anxious, or worried sit down with a piece of paper and a pencil or pen and just start to doodle, scribble, draw simple shapes, it doesn’t have to be “good,” your left brain ego will be trying to stop you from doing this, letting you know how bad your drawing is, or that you are not creative, or that you are wasting time but ignore left brain and just go for it.  Doing this brings us into our right brain, all the negative thoughts you were having melt away and the creative process takes over.  The more you practice using your right brain, the easier it will get and the benefit of this will be enormous because you will find that our right brain has so much to offer us.  This is where intuition lives, and I believe this is where we hear from Holy Spirit.  So much wisdom, insight and knowledge is accessed when we learn to use our brain fully.

Multitasking is a popular concept but it is not actually physically possible.  Our brain has only one thought at a time in the forefront of our mind, this is how it is designed to work.  Yes, we can move quickly from thought to thought, but there is only one thought present at a time.  New technology, that is able to monitor and analyse the human brain has discovered this.  Therefore, we cannot be fully present with more than one thought at a time.  Another important point is:  what you focus on, you get more of.  So, if you are focusing on the negative, like trying hard not to do that thing you do, you will eventually do that thing because it is in the forefront of your brain.

Another key is process.  To enjoy the process, the journey and not be so focused on the outcome or the end product.  There is much to learn along the way and during.  Even painting, the process of applying each colour and shape and layer, is a creative journey and such a personal one.   For me, painting and creativity is meditative.  Having the ability to enjoy the process and stay open to what is spoken during, can shift you into new possibilities, new insights, a newness that you never saw before. This happens because all things new, and learned occur in the right brain and this is where creativity lives.  I am sure you have heard how important creative thinking is today.  Our world is changing constantly and the only way to stay on board is having the ability to use your creative, intuitive brain.

The last key, but a very important one is story.  This keeps coming up for me everywhere I turn, even in my dreams, so I know for me it is something I need to be focused on, sharing my story whenever the opportunity arises, or whenever I feel I am to put it out there.  We all have a story and it can help another by sharing it.  I believe that God will turn all things around for the good, I have seen it happen in my own life many times and others as well.   Believing that truth, when faced with messy, ugly stuff in life, is that little glimmer of hope, that light at the end of the tunnel, to help get you through it.  Back to my Creatively Fit mantra:  everything is working out perfectly!

What are your life keys?

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