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Art Journaling – Week 42 – Present

MandalaOct22 My attempt at a maṇḍala, using coptics, pencil crayons and paint pens.  I really enjoy the process, it is relaxing, meditative and focusing.  Starting in the center and working my way out, I found the shapes, lines and colours came to me as I continued.

The theme of my week is being present.  To be fully in the moment, with whatever I am doing.  Also, fully appreciating every moment, being grateful.  There is power in the positive.

It is not so easy though, staying present.  I have personally spent great amounts of time living in the future.  Planning, dreaming, hoping, wishing, desiring change and at the same time wanting my life to stay the same.  If only I had more money I could… if only I had a husband I could,  if only I had an education, if only, if only…  waiting to full live and be happy until…

When I wasn’t in the future I was looking back at what was.  How I was affected by this or that, if only things were different here and there, if only I made better choices here or there, what I would never do again and what I want even more of now.  So much time spent outside of time, what was and what is to come.

Sure our past is a great place to learn from, grow out of, aspire greater and better than. It is wisdom to learn from our past and from those who have gone before us.  Our past is filled with memories, it is all memory, not real or tangible, but yet it seems to affect many people greatly, for the good and for the bad.  When does a bad memory lose it’s sting?  How often do past memories keep us stuck?

The future is interesting, also not real or tangible.  Of course, it is necessary to make our plans and plot out our way, having our dreams and desires in mind and making the best decisions we can for our future.  What I have found with my life and watching others, is that we don’t have control of the future, life happens and our course changes, choices have to bend and sway with what comes our way.

To spend time in the present is the only sure way to know that you are good.  The best choice you can make, with everything you know and have right now, is the best choice.  Everything you see, hear, feel, sense and taste right now, is real and tangible, to be fully enjoyed and appreciated, this moment will not happen exactly as it is ever again.

Have you reconciled the past, celebrated or mourned it, forgiven where needed, even forgiving yourself?  Praised those who shaped and moulded you?  Showing gratitude for the journey?  There is a time to leave the past behind, choosing to create the life you desire in the now and for your future.  You are a unique person, with gifts and talents that the world needs now, don’t let your past take you out.

Enjoy the moment, the day, the now.  Enjoy the process of becoming…

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