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New Year Beginnings


Many people I know consider September the new year.  Everything starts back up in September, school, programs, activities, sports and much else that keeps us all busy.  In fact, Rosh Hashanah falls in September, starting on the 24th this year.  This is the Jewish new year and although I’m not Jewish, I am a Christian and truly believe that in the spiritual realm, this day holds significance.

So… In light of the up coming new year, what a great time to start some new projects here at Creator’s Corner.

Firstly,  being involved over the last 4-5 years with charismatic church’s and especially a program called Samuel’s Mantle, learning much about how the Lord speaks and reveals Himself to us, has taught me how to hear and really listen and trust the still small voice of God.  That God speaks in dreams, visions, symbols, His word and through other people.  I am a very visual person and tend to picture and visualize easier than some.  But some people hear God audibly, have thoughts and/or just knowing within them a truth.  Through experience myself and witnessing others, I have no doubts that God speaks to us and will give us a prophetic word for another person.  There is scripture to back this up, yet many, many Christian do not believe God speaks in this way.  This year my mission is to create prophetic art to bless others, which is in fact a win, win for me.  I get to spend time with the Lord and getting creative and then giving it away.

Prophesy is simply when God gives someone a word for another that speaks life, encouragement and comfort.  Prophetic art is the same thing but in visual form.  Over the years, I would give friends cards that I made from a vision I believed the Lord spoke to me for that person, or I would draw a picture, usually with a word and put it in my purse, until I feel compelled to give it away to someone. Over the years, I have learned that God speaks in very different ways for everyone.  Therefore, I don’t want to limit the mediums in which I use to create the cards. They will be created using some form of creative expression like water colors, acrylics, paint pens, drawing markers, collages, (combinations of many) with a written word as well.  The cards are approximately 14-18 cm’s on water-color paper.

This will begin on September 24.  I will let you know how you can receive a piece of prophetic art from me that day!  So exciting!

As well I am creating new workshops, gatherings and ways you can get involved with us.

Stay tuned… exciting times ahead!




2 comments on “New Year Beginnings

  1. This is a topic that is close to my heart… Cheers! Where are your contact details though?

    • jody
      September 3, 2014

      I’m glad you enjoy this post. Contact info is on the main page, click on contact – thank you 🙂

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