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Moving Forward…


Coaching is about moving forward in your life.  Taking all lessons learned, insights gleaned, and wisdom gained forward with you into the life you are creating now.  Believe it or not, everything is still in your brain, the key is to access that information. We are all able to create the life we want, one step at a time.

A funny question comes to mind when I’m feeling overwhelmed and stressed; and that is:  how do you eat a dinosaur?  Answer:  one bite at a time… of course!  In my coach training, they asked us that question over and over, and it helped me settle in to the process of learning, to focus and not get overwhelmed with the amount of material, and be okay with feeling incompetent.  This is all part of the learning curve.  The only way to mastery, is with practice, practice and more practice.  Very few are so gifted they can sit down and compose a song, paint a picture or any other creative work, without putting their time into practicing their craft.

In fact, when we want to create anything, we need a plan, we need to break it down into goals, long and short-term goals.  The desired outcome will guide the time needed for the planning process. Finding your focus and avoiding distractions along the way is what a good coach can help you with!

S.M.A.R.T. goals are key.  Ask yourself… is your goal Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant or Realistic, and is it Timely?

I had a goal of going to India last year.  It had actually been on my mind for many years but I never planned toward it or set a goal until last summer, I put together a collage of what I wanted in my life and it was then I believe that I set the intention to go to India.  At that time though, in my mind it was a distant kind of dream goal, that I would do one day.  It wasn’t even two months after I created that collage that I was at a meeting with the organization I wanted to travel to India with, Impact Nations, and heard from a Pastor who was visiting from India.  Six months later I went to India!

Do you have goals?

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