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Press Into Weakness

The areas that I am weakest in, I tend to avoid and I believe that the opposite is actually needed.  It occurred to me while I was at the gym doing some circuit training, the weakest area on my body is my arms!  Doing the circuit, moving from one machine to another, I see an arm machine coming up, and I am very tempted to skip it.  My arms need the workout more than the entire rest of my body!  Skipping arms and my body will be out of balance.

The truth is, we either do things to avoid pain or to gain pleasure.

Just showing up at the gym, I am pressing into pain.  I know that working out is going to cause me pain because I haven’t worked out regularly for a while.  That threshold hasn’t been crossed yet, where the pain from working out, turns into a pleasure of accomplishment, strength and great discipline achieved.  Until I have crossed over that line, seen the results, and start noticing the benefits, will showing up to the gym get easier.

So, I keep working out my arms, knowing that one day, the thought of skipping those bad arm machines won’t even cross my mind.  For now though, it requires discipline and focus to reach my fitness goals.

What area of weakness are you avoiding?  If you decided to press into the pain of that weakness, what might change or shift?  And how are you going to do that?



My husband and I after completing a running race, what a great feeling!




One comment on “Press Into Weakness

  1. Susan Paquette
    February 10, 2015

    I know what you mean, Jody. I am doing the 60 day challenge at my gym, Fitness Unlimited. I tried it last year and lost 5 pounds, increased my activity – swim 2-3 x a week, walk the dog 4 x a week, spin class 1 x a week, archery 1 x a week – but didn’t lift one weight. So, I hired a personal trainer for 3 weeks today to set up a program and be my accountability partner. Now I have scheduled in weight training 3 x a week. She also gave me stretching exercises that will improve my posture that will improve my core that will improve my breathing that will make my cardio exercise easier to do.
    It;s so exciting to see the two of you doing a run together! What run did you and Teno do?

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