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Feature Artist ~ Carol Matthews


Meet Carol Matthews, our feature artist this month.  Carol has painted with acrylics for the past 4 1/2 years.  Attending an outdoor art show one day, Carol noticed an artist, Betty Hurd, whose work she was admiring, when seeing a sign up for painting lessons.  This was the beginning of Carol’s painting journey.

As a child, Carol enjoyed paint by numbers,  and art class in school.  She had an art teacher one year who was very artistic, dressed in the 60’s artsy style and had a fun and colourful personality.  This intrigued Carol and attracted her to the arts.

For a time, Carol learned the art of silk painting.  She loved it and created some beautiful pieces, but the supplies became hard to find, so she eventually stopped.

Working as an early childhood education teacher, for the past 33 years, Carol enjoys working with kids.  She was fortunate to live in England for almost 5 years, in her early thirties,  where she was a nanny for the first year, then she landed a job in a prep school.  Living in England, Carol fully enjoyed the arts all around her.  Living near the British Museum, in London, allowed her to visit her favorite art exhibits often, which was the Egyptian art work, and visiting the Tate Gallery, gazing at the larger than life-size paintings.

During Carol’s time working at the prep school, in England, Carol remembers fondly a time where they decorated an entire room, portraying the movie Where the Wild Things Are.  Stapling leaves on the walls and ceiling and drawing and painting characters on the walls, this memory still brings Carol inspiration.

Carols’ favorite part of painting is being able to use her whole arms in the process, and finds the starting of a painting, the best part, being able to just go for it, not worrying about the details yet.  She enjoys sunsets and sky colours and creating movement in her work, like the paintings are alive, and the emotions show through.  A positive benefit of painting is “being able to create something that wasn’t there before,” states Carol.  She finds pleasure in hanging her paintings up on the walls at her home.

Some of Carol’s favorite artists are:  Robert Bateman, Beverly Doolittle, Thomas Kinkaid and Emily Carr.

Carol wants to learn new mediums, and working with textures and gels and possibly getting back into silk painting.

Carol says, that for her, time flies by when she is engaged in painting, forgetting about all else that is going on in life, fully present with the canvas and paints and that painting is an expression of yourself.

IMG_2439 IMG_2438 IMG_2442 IMG_2448 IMG_2444

To see more of Carol’s work and journey with painting, check out her website at  The site is under construction, so stay tuned for more of Carol’s great work.


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