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Structure Gives Freedom


Spending time building a strong structure is worth it.  Once established, the capacity and space for personal freedom and creativity will grow.

During dance class one evening, our instructor tells us that “structure gives freedom!”  This really hit me!  We were learning the West Coast Swing and the main structure is challenging and requires much time to get and master.  But… once mastered (which we are not there yet), requires little thought to stick to the structure, your body automatically remembers the steps and now, the focus can be on adding new creative moves to the dance.

Same applies when learning any structure, process, procedure, technique, or foundation; until hitting a mastery level, focus and thought will be required at varying degrees throughout the learning process.

Focus on building and strengthening the structure or foundation and wait for the creativity to start flowing.  It will flow, given the patience and discipline.  It is a natural reward for hard work put in.  It is a sweet reward too, well worth the effort!

If you can remember a time where you worked hard to achieve something,  and you did it, what was your energy and emotions like?

Where, in your creativity, do you see a need to work on building up or strengthening a structure or foundation?  How will that give you more freedom in your creative expression?

For myself, I am practicing drawing, increasing this skill will help me in many areas of creativity, including painting.

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