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“Becoming” Unveiled

Becoming… Introducing the powerful process of narrowing down your most important values and qualities.  The ones that are already part of you, but if they were fully realized and awakened within, brought to the surface and became your main focus for a time… this just might change everything. How it works: You will receive an email with […]

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Inside all of us are many different really great qualities, and if we were to focus in on just a few of them at a time, we would become, bit … Continue reading

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12 Don’ts of Tough Conversations — Leadership Freak

Success includes not shooting yourself in the foot. 12 Don’ts of Tough Conversations: Don’t use “we” when you mean “you”. Never allow fuzzy language. Exercise candor and precision when fuzzy … Continue reading

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Mind Matters: Meditating on mental wellness — Vancouver Sun

Open any scientific journal and you’ll see studies that report meditation’s benefits on just about everything from anxiety management to kids’ academic scores to ADHD management and reducing physical and … Continue reading

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Does Life Coaching Really Work? — Inspirational Quotes | Motivational Blog | Images | Pictures

You already know you can live a better life. You’ve made improvements before and you’re life is already getting better. You’re getting inspired from the books you read and learning … Continue reading

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Finger-Painting With God

Source: Finger-Painting With God

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Writing 101, Unlock the Mind

Signing up for a month long, daily writing challenge seemed like a good idea at the time, now I just think I’m crazy to add one more thing to my … Continue reading

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Decided to get a few tattoos today, just kidding!  Practicing for the kids carnival tomorrow.  #findingglittertillchristmas, #resonatechurch, #sparkle Beautiful downtown! Suddenly this little orange guy pops up.  What could this mean?  Choose to rise up and be different from the crowd. Affogato, my new favourite, yummm Nite nite Uni, only 14 more sleeps. #Uni