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Creativity Coaching

You are the artist of your life!  There is an artist within, let me help you let go of fear, say goodbye to blockages, and walk confidently forward into your artistic intentions. Whatever your “art” is, or whatever you want it to be; there are coaching processes and tools that can help you become the artist you were created to be.

Free initial consultation, lets chat and see if we are a good fit.

Packages for One/One Coaching:

Ivory– $160 for one month = four sessions*

Amber– $440 for three months = four sessions/month*

Gold – $900 for six months = four sessions/month*

*one hour session

Small Group or Team Coaching:

Get your small group, book club, friends/family, sports team together, to learn and encourage one another and build unity and community together.

Team building for your organization or business.

Contact for more information and/or a quote.




“I have been with Jody a few times when it was time to sit & relax over her amazing Art supplies & just quietly place on a surface your thoughts of Life etc. I am by far not a good  artist, & even when I have completed my thought, not what I had in mind, but oh, the feeling of calm that one feels. I have so enjoyed my times shared with Jody & she is a wonderful soft-spoken teacher & leader.”  ~ J.M.

“Jody has a way of hosting an artistic gathering that allows room for reflection, creativity and innovation… if you are an artist already, or not! She leads with enough directives to allow you to step into the creative process and engage, without being overwhelmed by choices. I have enjoyed her leading us as a group, and have found the outcome refreshing.”  ~ Lorna Rande

“Thank you again for coming and leading last night!  It was so excellent!   I love that you were able to gather everyone together and they all were engaged.  Deeper community was developing.  Areas of their brain and emotions and creativity were coming alive.” ~  J.S.

“I healed a part of my inner child painting today :D” ~  J


“Jody is such an inspired and supportive coach!  Jody is a wonderful teacher and has a heartfelt passion for taking people from “Oh, I can’t do that,” to “I did it!!!” I highly recommend her classes and coaching programs!”

Whitney Freya, Creative Muse at

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My new little friend from Rwanda, isn't he cute?  I got him tonite at an event tonite featuring the work of #Wellspring Foundation with images provided by Lorna Rande of #ArtisticImagery #dreamcollage, #visionboard, #createthelifeyouwant Fresh out of the oven!  Savory Protein Muffins Favorite one out of the three step-kids!!! Hacked by @pandamartina Got to spend time at the beach today with friends and little Aiden <3 Creativity is at my center right now.  as i move forward each step brings new ideas, people, knowledge and skill. The key really is to set the time aside and do it, whatever it is. So... What's at your center?